Here’s what I thought to be “What every man should have in his wardrobe”. This may also be a guide to those guys who wanted to start their very own fashionable wardrobe as well as to those who need a wardrobe rescue.

Plain White, Black & Grey Shirt.
  • No need much explanation. Simply because theses shirts can be styled in many different ways.

Plain White long sleeve button down
  • This is a must have because you can wear this from casual to formal events. Casual, fold the sleeves ¾ then match it with denim shorts or jeans. On formal, wear it with a suit and tie and it will be perfect.

Denim jeans
  • Denim jeans are of course a must have. In starting your wardrobe pick a denim jeans that matches your style. If you’re edgy and a bit grunge have it in dark or even distressed. If you’re into sleek and simple have it in a very plain blue denim or if you want it with a bit with attitude have it faded. 
  • Denim jeans are very versatile it can be worn not just in casual day but when match it with a very sleek polo it can look that formal.

Black Chinos
  • Chinos are alternative to jeans. It is pants made from chino cloth not from denim so it is very much lighter and comfortable.
  • Black chinos can be worn from casual to formal. Casual, when paired with a basic shirt and sneakers. Formal, if you paired it with a polo and a leather loafers.

Black Suit Jacket
  • In every formal events even if you’ll going to wear the same suit jacket as long as it is very sleek and well fitted  you’ll going to be the eye candy plus no one will ever recognized.

Black leather loafers
  • From casual day outs to formal cocktails, it will be perfect.

  • The perfect sneaker, if you’re wanted to be stylish, should be SPORTY BUT CASUAL this means besides of being a sport shoes the style, design and color should be something that can be worn outside the gym. It should be not too bulky with a very simple style that you can match in any casual outfit.

Wrist Watch
  • One thing that can fully make your look perfectly complete is by having accessories and a really must have and very noticeable accessory is a wrist watch which also serves a useful function.
  • In choosing a wrist watch go with something that is not too sporty but at the same time not too formal, something in between so that it will be versatile enough plus I highly recommend that if you are starting a wardrobe invest on high quality watches I’m not saying it should be so much expensive, it should just be durable enough that it will last long.

Black leather belt
  • Very much useful accessory that will surely match any outfit.

Black Wayfarers
  • Another accessory that is very useful and will match any style.

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