The world is physically judgmental. It is important to always look good, clean and presentable at any situation because as they say "Our physical appearance reflects on who we are.", which for me is true. Some may say "Dont judge a book by it's cover." But I think a good book is better with a great cover...right?

At anytime, something bad might happen unexpectedly but nothing should stop anyone from looking at their best. So, I think everyone should always have a "Fahion Rescue Kit" in their bag ready to solve any fashion disaster. Here are the things I think should always be in a FSK.

Black & White Thread - Useful for quick fix of unstitched and rip fabrics. White for any light colored fabrics and black for dark colored fabrics.

Needles - Of course, What's the use of the thread without a needle, better have atleast three pieces.

Small Sewing Scissors - Useful  for cutting excess threads, lace or fabrics. Can also be use in quick alteration by cutting parts of the clothing.

Safety pins - The quick-est possible solution to fix unstitched, rip fabrics whenever you do not have enough time to hand sew, better have it in different sizes for different needs or maybe atleast three different sizes.

Rubbing alcohol - There are stain remover sticks available in stores but alcohol can also be use in removing stains in fabrics which is a lot cheaper than stain remover sticks. using alcohol is also better than water because it dries up faster than water. 
How to use it: Put alcohol in the stained area and rub it using your clean handkerchief, tissue or cotton buds.

Cotton Swabs - Use with rubbing alcohol in removing small patches of stains.

Small Shoe Brush - Useful in removing stains and dirt in suede leather bags or shoes.

Super Glue - Useful in sticking together detached shoes soles and broken accessories.

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