Thrift Shopping

One of the best place to look for fashionable and unique clothes are thrift shops (Thrust me on this!) and for sure a lot of fashionistas out there knew this. Ever since, I always go thrift shopping especially when they marked their price super low (I take advantage of it haha).
Thrift shops offer a lot of stuff like bags, shoes, clothes, etc. and at sometimes you can even score high end brands, all you need is a lot of patience and courage to search all racks, and a very sharp eyes in checking for any damage.

Things to remember when thrift shopping;
  • Be open minded to any style and be appreciative because if you went to a thrift shop and you're looking for a specific item or you're putting up a specific style you might not appreciate other cool items that you might see because you have something in mind. 
  • Search all racks. The other racks might have better clothes.
  • If you found something GRAB IT IMMEDIATELY! before others do, and still continue searching for more 'coz the first one might be damage.
  • Try it on! *If you think it's dirty...Think this "you can take a bath later."
  • Check for damage this is important because even though it is hand-down of course you wanted it to look as if it was brand new. Here's what to watch out; the quality of the fabric, if the buttons are complete, if the zipper still zips, if it has a hard to remove stain and if it has unnecessary holes.
  • Ask for a lower price. You can do this specially if you'll going to pay for at least 5 items up.

Thrift shopping is also one thing, me and my sisters love to do together.
The best moments are when we found some weird stuff then we try it on and laugh about it.   

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