Rainy Day Style Guide

The Philippine rainy season starts in the month of June and ends in November. To welcome the cold and wet season, you can wear a lot of jacket, sweater, hoodies and cardigans. Prepare this with long sleeved tops, polo ahirts, slouchy tops, a variety of shirts, cuffed jeans, leggings and trousers. Wear these with your sneakers, ballet flats, boots and weekenders PVC/EVA, jelly shoes, and slippers which are perfect for a rainy day. Cool colors come with the cool weather. Black, navy blue, purple, deep red, gray, fatigue, and other cool colors are your go-to colors this season. Layering are also in with this season. But what's important is to keep yourself dry, bringing a cute umbrella that match your outfit or look is also a part of your rainy day style.

Here's some rainy day fashionistas:


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