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I’m always been a huge fan of cute and cool notebooks and journals. And, back when I was in high school, I always got this one notebook where I wrote how I felt, my experiences and everything that happened to me, I have a diary. Then, because of my busy schedule I started writing in journal instead. Compare to a diary, a journal doesn’t require you to write about your everyday but instead just whenever you wanted to; and just when the day is something that should be kept as it has been a fondest memory. It also has been  my way of letting go feelings, my way of reducing stress and also been my way of expressing my true self. Since then, a single life less notebook has been a great part of my life, it was my best friend, my companion, my buddy and my shoulder to cry on (so dramatic lol). So..,I’m encouraging everyone to be inspired and start your own journal.

This year my journal is from Cross, a black leather medium journal with acid free pages that also comes with a smooth writing black inked Cross pen. This journal is so slick and really fits my style and my personality. And Cross has a huge variety of journals to choose from that will fits both your style and personality as well.

Photos by: Kaye Sarmiento

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