Shopping Guide

So here’s how I do my shopping whenever I’m looking for a look or outfit. It might help.

1. RESEARCH -Search the internet, magazine or blogs for the look you wanted then save some photos of your desire look.
2. REVIEW OLD STUFFS -Look into your closet for items that you can use to put up your desire look (there’s nothing wrong with re-using old stuffs.) if you found something you can use wear it or bring it with you when you do the next step.

3. WINDOW SHOP -Search the malls, tiangge and even thrift shop for the stuffs you need to  put up the desire look or outfit. (when fitting take photos inside the fitting room) Go to high end brands first and if you found the one you think is perfect for the look, don’t buy it yet look in tiangge and  thrift shop for the same or at least close to what you have found in the high end brands.
take down notes in your phone or in a note pad -note everything from the design, quality and price.
4. THINK,ANALYZE AND BUDGET -now review the photos, compare and contrast…see your notes. Make sure you will make the right decision: 
-the color of the clothes should perfectly match each item as well as your skin color. 
-the quality of the material should also be durable so that it will be a good investment.
-the price should be reasonable there’s nothing wrong with expensive stuffs as long as it’s worth it.
-invest to more versatile piece.

5. SHOPPING -after analyzing, now it’s time to shop!!!

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