August Wants

So, these are my “What I want in August” everything is from my favorite online shops and brands. I really don’t think that I’ll be having all of it or any of it (hahaha). I just wanted to share my great finds online and I hope you’ll love it too.

1. ASOS Snapback Cap In Silver And Black (£14.00)

2. ASOS Jersey Shorts In Drop Crotch Mid Length (£14.00)

3. ASOS Longline T-Shirt With Crack Print (£16.00)

4. BERSHKA Cropped ripped jeans (PHP 2,795.00)

5. Adidas Originals Stan Smith Trainers (£67.00)

6. STUSSY Marble Print Strapback ($45.00)

7. ASOS Bangle With Skull Ends In Black (£8.00)

8. Religion Longline T-Shirt with Woven Hem Panel (£40.00)

9. BERSHKA Embossed basketball boots (PHP 2,990.00)

10. BERSHKA Running shoes (PHP 3,590.00) 

11. Levi's Line 8 Zip Bomber Sweatshirt (£45.00)

12. BERSHKA Polyester print bomber jacket (PHP 2,595.00)

13. ASOS Trainers in Block Red (£30.00)

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