Summer Ready

Summer is fast approaching before we knew it is. I really don’t have plans yet whether how I will spend my summer but there are so many possibilities and opportunities that may come this season, who knows right? There are several things I might do this summer. First, I might have clients for this season which means I will be busy making money. Then, I also might be staying home the whole season fooling around with my family and going out on weekends. I may also go out somewhere with my friends. Or maybe visit my sister at the Summer Capital of the Philippines and spend the whole summer at her place just like last year.
Whatever it is, what’s important is make this season meaningful, fun, exciting… +all positive thoughts hahaha because soon all of this will become memories that we look forward to look back as moments we enjoy most with our loved ones.

Polo by Mogao
Luggage by SM Store
Sunnies & Accessories by SM Accessories 
Socks by Saizen Daiso
Shoes by Gibson

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