Welcome to the Tropics! Hahaha I love the fact that I’m living in a tropical country where there are only two seasons the dry and wet but mostly sunny. I, myself really love our country as well as the warm sunny weather that made our country the source of very sweet and delicious tropical fruits, that is something were very proud of and (I’m sure) something you’ll going to miss after  visiting our amazing country.

Here’s something I usually wore on a hot sunny day out; short-sleeves button down + denim shorts + leather brogues + cowboy hat + leather sling bag. All in a shade of green and brown because I think these colors perfectly complements with my dark skin or should I say “sun-kissed” skin LOL.



What I wore:

 Button Down Polo (SM Store)
 Denim shorts (SM Store)
Bag & Accessories (SM Accessories); Bucked Shoes (Gibson)


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