Between Red & Brown


What’s between red and brown is maroon. According to wikipedia; Maroon (/məruːn/ mə-roon or /məroʊn/ mə-rone) is a dark brownish red color which takes its name from the French word marron, or chestnut.I've been starting to like maroon and I’m starting to have stuff in this color, which is actually awesome. I don't know why but I guess because I think it compliments my skin color. In this look I matched maroon with dark brown; leather bag and loafers. I actually wore this look at school for a class reporting and I think this is also best to be worn on a day out.

Maroon bowler hat from SM Accessories.

White printed short-sleeve button down from Mogao

Dark brown leather sling bag from MSense, SM Accessories
Dark brown leather loafers from Ma.Co

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